My approach with each new art piece is an exploration of how far I can push my original photographs. I constantly create new designs by enhancing colors, adding shapes, and manipulating the elements of form. In the simplest description, it is pure fun!


I use a variety of photographs I have taken over the years including negatives, slides, and scans. I also use original drawings, pastels, and paintings as backgrounds. I often record my ideas with pencil and paper and then develop a particular concept by searching through my image collection or shooting new photographs.


With a stylus pen and Wacom Cintiq monitor-tablet, I draw, paint, airbrush, smear, add layers, and enhance for hours. Using Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter, I follow basic darkroom techniques at first and then take off with the drawing tools.


Sometimes I search in a specific direction, but I usually never know what the outcome will be. My intuitive approach is artistic and since I don’t record each technical step, trying to reproduce a “recipe” for a particular design is rare.


"The process is inherently how an image is made, but imagination is what makes it art."  - GW



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