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I’ve worked in my studio professionally since 1985 and I’m currently active in juried shows and galleries selling my artwork throughout the Northwest. I recently completed a permanent public artwork commission, consisting of four- ten foot by ten foot aluminum photo panel collages at the Spokane Convention Center Ballroom Lobby.


Photographing reality has always been the starting point for my artwork. Then my intuitively enhanced images become my artistic expressions. My portfolio includes floral, landscapes, architectural and abstract imagery. For twenty years I worked in my darkroom, and since 2001, I exclusively use a computer in the development of my artwork. I either scan a neg, drawing, photo, or shoot an original digital file and then digitally enhance and collage the image.


Since advanced technology is enabling photo-printing on other mediums, I’ve chosen to present my imagery on photographic metallic paper or dye-infused aluminum. The aluminum prints are not ink-jet printed onto the metal; special dyes are printed onto transfer paper and then infused into a patented coated aluminum, using pressure and heat. Both printing methods are processed at professional labs and both have been rated for an archival value of over one hundred years.


My photo-art reaches beyond the impact of traditional photography. In a significant way, my work expands how the viewer perceives, considers, and interprets photographic media as art.

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